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NO ELBOW ROOM - Book Detailing an American's Experiences in the Corporate Japanese World (including myriad cultural misunderstandings)

Thus if you are looking to expand your business into the Asia Pacific market, want channel and OEM relationships, want to maximize initial ROI without investing in subsidiaries for now, then  call.  What better way to call yourself an international company if not to be doing business in the Asia Pacific.


If you are you an Asian company looking to enter the US marketplace call.




  • 20 years of experience establishing OEM and Channel partnerships in Asia


  • IT companies looking to expand call for help


  • Enter first, invest later.  Save 100s of 1000s of dollars by getting business started, seeing the results, getting some initial profitability, and then planning better for actual entry at a future time.


  • Don't put your company at risk, but yet don't ignore the future potential.  China, India, Japan, Korea and other countries have plenty to offer, but if you don't do it right, you can sink your entire corporation.