5'4" American Male MIT Graduate, Joins Company X Japan. Join me as I enter the Japanese social and business world through a variety of humorous, and at times, serious anecdotes. Whether it's the mad dash from the train for the 8:30 bells at work, or my female MIT colleague serving tea, or my manager telling me always to be vague in business meetings, or simply being in a public bath and everyone pointing at my chest hair, you won't want to miss my adventure! As I explore Japan, I will share my views with you on the positives and negatives, challenges, and changes I see for the future.



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Fascinating Look, January 12, 2005
Reviewer: Jacob Jensen "Jake" (Salt Lake City, Utah) - See all my reviews
I think that this book is a fascinating look into living and experiencing a new culture. I think anyone who has ever had the opportunity to work in a different country and experience a new culture can relate to the humorous, shocking, as well as serious experiences that Mark has as he is a new grad of MIT and finds himself working for a Japanese company in Japan for the first time. His humor as well as insights into Japanese culture make this a fascinating book.

While this book is a joy to read,it is also very informative about Japanese culture, including areas such as Corporate Japan, the education system in Japan, family life in Japan, and social expectations,which I believe are often misunderstood by many Americans.


Real Japan!, December 13, 2004
Reviewer: S. Brooks (Seattle, WA USA) - See all my reviews
I did exactly the opposite of what "Mark" in this book did. While Mark grew up in US and moved to Japan, I grew up in Japan and moved to US. I had some good chuckles as I read about how things were at the Corporate-X as they were exactly what I experienced when I worked in Japan.

I would recommend this book to anybody who is considering a career opportunity on the other side of the pacific and atlantic oceans, as this book will prepare you to jump into a new culture and environment. Even if Japan is not your destination, you'll experience the similar confusion, excitement and surprise as Mark did in Japan.

This book is so realistic (meaning that it contains no over-exaggeration!) that it even gave me homesick...