* Sales and Distribution

Introduce your products into the appropriate channels within each country, and act as the liaison in creating the appropriate contracts between both parties.  Then can manage the channels for you as long as you need.

* OEM Relationships

A major measure of success in Asia is how well established partnerships are with the top local players.  It might be a Fujtsu, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Acer, Tata, etc. and those relationships can be built.  Assist in introductions, bridge the contract negotiations, and help make it a successful long term relationship.

* Analysis of Local Marketplaces

If you'd like to analyze the potential of how your product would fit in to a certain marketplace, work with you to provide the necessary research to make that decision.

* Legal Entity Setup

If you wish to take the next step and look at potential entity options, assistance can be provided.

* Local Search

If you need local talent, assistance can be provided.

* Product Localization

In many cases it will be necessary to localize your product - the key here is getting good quality, but a good price.  It also requires the necessary commitment from your own development teams.  Work with the right companies, get help managing the process if necessary.