Kenneth Bergenthal, President, has been active in the Asia Pacific IT market for 20 years.  Before forming Asia Pacific Consultants Inc., Ken has held Business Development, Sales, and Marketing positions at Caldera Systems/The SCO Group, Viewpoint Datalabs, Cheyenne Software/Computer Associates, Oracle Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric.  He spent 4 years working in Japan and 1 year in China and travels on average 7-8 times per year to the Asia Pacific region.

Currently assisting various IT companies in their initiatives to develop their Asia Pacific business.

At The SCO Group from 2001-2002, Ken grew Asia Pacific revenue 50% from 8% of the company total to 12%.  During the Caldera days in 1999-2000, he took a virtually non-existent Asia business and grew it to 20% of the company total within 1 year.

At Cheyenne Software 1995-1997, pre-CA acquisition, Ken was key in helping grow the Asia Pacific business to $50 million, growing from 13% to 23% of the company total in 2 years.

Ken has built a very strong channel experience in Asia during his 20 years.  But in addition, he has spent a great deal of time building relationships with OEMs throughout the region inclusive of Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Acer, NEC, LG, and many more. 

Ken graduated from MIT in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1990.  He also has a degree in Chinese language from Beijing University.  He speaks, reads, and writes fluent Japanese and Chinese, and a little Korean.  On the hobby side of things, Ken is an avid tournament tennis player, as well as skier, and can still take on some of the best chess players out there.