Asia Pacific Consultants, located in Sandy, Utah,  was founded in 2003 by Kenneth Bergenthal.  The company's mission was to help provide a bridge between the US and Asian IT marketplaces.  Typically, the costs for research, creating relationships, finding representatives or employees, and building subsidiaries can be tremendous burdens on small to medium size organizations, just trying to maintain a steady cash flow in the US marketplace.  Ken saw an opportunity to help companies avoid these pains in the initial stages of considering entry in to the Asian markets.

Thus Asia Pacific Consultants was formed to help ease the burden for small to medium size IT companies.  Now companies can start with a small investment and have someone else shoulder the burden of bringing in initial results and profits.  Then with those results in hand, companies can take a more practical look at potential formal entry in to foreign marketplaces, already with an actual revenue business in place.  The experiences learned with just a small amount of investment, will help companies better analyze the plusses and minuses of entry and allow for better planning, better management of cash flow, and healthy future results.

Enter any country in the Asia Pacific region - Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.  For those companies from these countries looking to enter the US market, help is available as well.

Asia Pacific Consultants has also published a book, "No Elbow Room," as a guide to individuals looking to better understand the Japanese business and cultural world.  It covers both the humorous and serious side to Japanese life and business.  Additionally it takes a look at Japan going forward, changes in the corporation, as well as changes in the status of women.  For more information go to the link on this website.

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